Your Team Your Theme COED Beach 3's

Start Time: 9:00 AM, Saturday August 20th, 2022

Teams Registered: 4 / 16

  • The Darkest Timeline
  • Kojima
  • Unsafe sets
  • Big Dig Energy

Teams Paid: 4 / 16

Fee: 50$ per team. Please pay via E-transfer in the full amount to

** please include team name and contact, as well as that it is for the tournament**

Where: Kin Coulee park August 20th 2022, starting at 9am.

Each team must have at least 1 female on the court at all times. (If playing with only two players both can be male)

Prize: Cash prizes will be awarded based on how many teams register. As well, a Prize for the best dressed team.

Registration is Closed

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