League Rules

League Rules

Downloadable Version of MHVL Rules and Code of Conduct

Medicine Hat Volleyball League Rules and Code of Conduct

Updated November 2019


1. The first 32 PAID Coed teams and first 32 PAID Ladies team will be accepted.

2. Roster and waiver forms can be found under “Forms” on the MHVL website.

3. Team rosters will be submitted no later than October 31 of each season. Team shall have until December 31 to make additions or changes.

4. Teams will not be credited with any wins after October 31 if:

a. Your team has not paid league fees

b. A roster/waiver has not been submitted.

5. All regular team players are required to be filled out on the roster sheet.

6. All players must be registered properly to be eligible to play in the league.

7. Once a player is rostered, they are unable to play for another team. Players that are caught or are reported playing for another team while already rostered will be ineligible to play the current seasons playoffs. Furthermore, the team that picked up the offending player will automatically default any and all matches in which said player was on the court. Any playoff games that are played with the offending player on the original roster, will be an automatic default. You may be removed from a team's roster by contacting a league representative.

8. If you are short a player:

a. Please refer to the spare lists for either the Ladies league or the Co-ed league.

b. Individuals may stay on the spares list until the end of the season. But only players on a roster are eligible for the playoffs.

9. An ineligible player is one that conflicts with one more of the following conditions:

a. Under the age of 18

b. Anyone playing on a current school year high school or college volleyball team.

c. Any player found to be in violation of league rules and has since been dismissed from the league.

10. If you are a new player or wish to be added to the “Spares” list, please do so on our website. Please make sure you meet all of the above criteria before doing so.

Forfeits and Defaults

1. A forfeited game occurs if any of the following conditions are met:

a. A COED team is unable to field a team of 2 women MINIMUM and 3 men MAXIMUM on the court.

b. ANY team is unable to field at least 5 players

c. A team is 15 minutes late. If a team is 25 minutes late, they default the match.

2. Forfeited games may still be played out if the other team consents. Ultimately, we are encouraging the sport of volleyball and the court is already rented so do your best to play.

3. If you know in advance that you are not going to be able to field a team, be respectful and contact the other team and advise them.

4. If a team defaults more than 4 games, the league will then have the option of not accepting your team into next years play.

General Rules of Play

1. All teams are required and bound by their honour to make their own calls and their grace to allow others to do the same.

2. Only one service attempt is allowed.

3. Contact with any part of the net during play is a violation.

4. The service area is only the full width of the court.

5. If a served ball hits the net and goes over the ball is live and playable.

6. Matches are best of 3 games (time permitting). The first two games will be rally point to 25 with no cap and win by 2.

7. Should a third game be required, it will be played to 15, win by 2, with a cap at 17 or when time runs out (whichever comes first).

8. A libero may not be used.

9. Player substitutions are allowed. A substitute player may enter the game between any play but may then only be replaced by the original player substituted.

10. You cannot attack or block the serve.

11. You may set off the serve.

12. You are allowed multiple hits off a serve or a spike. The ball can contact your arms more than once, but it may not roll down your arms.

13. The ball may contact any part of your body, including feet, as long as a carry motion is not performed.

14. You cannot cross the center line. You may step on it but you may not cross it.

15. If you run out of time for whatever reason the score stands as is. There will be no make up games for any reason. Should there be extra time at the end of the second game of the evening, you may finish your game as long as both teams agree, and you do not go past the scheduled time of that facility.

16. Players are to call their own fouls. If an obvious foul is missed, a player on the opposing team may politely point this out, assuming that their opponent either does not know the rule or missed their own foul. Generally, teams should NOT call fouls against their opponents.

a. Obvious fouls are: carries, double hits, touching the net, going under the net and contacting another player.

17. A backrow player is not allowed to make a block contact above the plane of the net in any circumstance. He/she MUST remain below said plane to perform a block regardless of the resulting blocked ball staying on the defender’s side or returning to the attackers side.

18. If a team is playing with 5 people, THREE people must be in the front row at all times.

Reporting Scores and Standings

1. Team representatives will receive an email to report scores at 10:00PM on the night of scheduled games. A response to these emails is required ASAP as it updates the league standings in real time. If you are unable to report scores for your team, please designate someone to do so in your absents.

2. You can report scores as a win or a loss. Please ensure you make the right selection when doing so.

3. At the end of a tier change, the top 3 teams will move up a tier. The bottom 3 teams will move down a tier.

4. Points will be awarded to teams after the end of each tier change. These points will be tallied throughout the year to determine placement for playoffs.

a. Tie breakers for these tallies will first be based on a win/loss record between the teams involved playing each other throughout the year.

b. If this is still a tie, it shall be broken by higher ranked team at the end of the final tier change.


1. Playoff format will be voted on at the AGM

2. Teams are seeded into playoffs based on the entire year’s standings and NOT how you finish the last tier change of the season.

3. Playoffs are optional but they are included in your league fees.

4. Prizes will be given out for each division to the first, second, and third place team.

Facility & Equipment Notes

1. Teams are responsible to provide their own balls for warm-up and games. The first team to field a team on the court will be given the right to select which ball is used for the game.

2. Please make sure you take down and put away all nets, antennas and poles at the end of the night before you leave.

3. There is to be no smoking, drugs, or consumption of alcohol anywhere on school property. This includes outside by the school doors.

4. We are bound to the schedule that the gyms provide for us. Please arrive early and leave on time. We don’t want to be billed for staff overtime or hold them up.

5. Players must wear clean, non marking shoes.

6. Players are responsible for property damage.

7. If equipment is damaged (accidentally or intentionally), please let the staff of the facility know immediately as well as your league rep.

Game Start Times

1. 8:00 to 10:00 = YMCA Southridge

2. 8:00 to 10:00 = Notre Dame

3. 8:30 to 10:30 = Family Leisure Centre

4. 8:00 to 10:00 = St. Mary’s

5. 8:00 to 10:00 = Roy Wilson

Code of Conduct

1. The MHVL exists primarily for people to pursue their passion for volleyball and for those wanting to discover it. All players are expected to be sportsmanlike and respectful.

2. Any player who causes any issue at one of the facilities, is eligible for a $100 fine and ejection from the league.

3. Team captains are ultimately held responsible for the behaviour of their players. The league will not tolerate any of the following:

a. Intentional physical contact with another player.

b. Harassment or provoking another player including comments directed towards instigating a conflict.

c. Rude behaviour towards MHVL faculty.

d. We will absolutely not tolerate poor behaviour directed at facility staff. If you have any concerns or problems with facilities, comments are to be directed to your division rep.


1. Resolution to a conflict must be conducted this way:

a. First, make an attempt to politely and respectfully make a point of your concerns with the parties involved. Do this at the appropriate time so as not to disrupt a game as much as possible.

b. If you feel the issue hasn’t been resolved, you are to contact your division rep. The rep will weigh both sides of the issue and try to resolve it.

c. If the issue still isn’t resolved, the entire MHVL board will be involved and the issue will be dealt with as a vote with a majority favour prevailing.

d. Should the decision be met with an appeal, a committee of non-board people shall then once again review the issue and a majority favour will prevail. The decision of these non-board members is final.

i. The non-board committee shall be made up of 4 players from the league. Three players will serve as the appeal board with the 4th being the alternate should there be a conflict of interest.

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