League Rules

League Rules

Beach Volleyball Rules 2023, 4's

1. Games will be a best of 3, first to 25.

2. No more than 2 males may be present on the court at any time.

3. All other rules of indoor volleyball apply.

Beach Volleyball Rules 2023, for 2’s and 3’s

1. The court

1.1 The dimensions of the court are achieved by utilizing the blue lines provided. To ensure both sides are equal, the metal rings located in the center of each sideline, when pulled tight should aligned with the net.

1.2 Due to the lack of antennas, the net supports (posts) will act as the antennas.

1.3 The courts are numbered one through four, with court one being the left most court when approaching from the street.

2. Player behaviour

2.1 Players must not make derogatory remarks about or to opponents or spectators.

2.2 Players must refrain from intentionally trying to distract an opponent who is playing or about to play the ball (i.e. shouting, clapping, etc.).

2.3 Players may not commit any act that delays the game unnecessarily.

2.4 Players must refrain from intentionally kicking or hitting the ball out of the area of play.

2.5 Players may not intentionally or unintentionally screen an opposing player and must move if asked to do so.

2.6 If a dispute cannot be resolved, re-serve the point.

3. Player responsibility

3.1 League players are asked to assist in setting up and putting away of lines.

3.2 Players must be on the court for the scheduled start of the match. First match will start promptly at 6:30p.m.

3.3 Players must call their own infractions when referees are not provided (i.e. net violations, carries, etc.).

3.4 Teams are to switch sides every 7 points, unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the start of the match.

3.5 Teams are expected to bring at least one volleyball for play. If there is a dispute on which ball to use, each team will select their ball of choice for one match. For the third match the team who wins the coin toss will have their choice of either: Ball, side, or service.

4. League – Players per team

4.1 No player who is entering grade 12 or lower in the following school year may play.

4.2 Teams may have additional players if these players are put on the roster upon initial registration up to a maximum of 6 players, so long as rule 4.1 is not violated.

4.3 A team may have players substitute who are not on their roster, so long as they are not on the roster of another team, and rule 4.1 is not violated.

4.4 Players must be on the roster and have played regularly throughout the session in order to compete in that session’s playoffs/finals unless deemed to be a qualified substitute (see point 4.5).

4.5 If a substitute is competing in playoffs/finals, he or she must be deemed of equal or lower calibre than the person he or she is replacing.

4.6 Please be a good sport. Try to bring a team to playoffs that is of the same calibre as the team that landed you in that tier. All the above rules in section 4 are about making it fun for everyone.

5. Service

5.1 The ball may be served from anywhere along the end line and between the outside edges of the sidelines.

5.2 Teams must alternate servers in order when they earn a side out. This does not mean that each person must play a certain position on the court. You may play the same position at all times (i.e. setting) as long as you serve consistently in a certain order.

5.3 Starting server must be determined for the first and third games. We recommend spinning the ball to determine choice of serve. Winner of the spin has a choice of serve, receive, or side. Loser of the spin gets second choice. Loser also gets first choice on second game. (Spin again for third game).

5.4 No service tossing errors are allowed. If you toss the ball and drop it, your team loses service.

5.5 No player is allowed to screen the serve. If an opponent asks you to move because you are screening the serve, you are obligated to do so.

6. Ball contact

6.1 A ball may be contacted no more than 3 times per side.

6.2 A block counts as a contact.

6.3 Hard driven balls (first contact) may be contacted multiple times if executed in one motion.

6.4 Service reception may not be a set (overhand pass).

6.5 Service reception may not be a block, or an attack made when the ball is entirely above the top of the net.

6.6 The ball may contact any part of the body.

6.7 The ball may not be lifted, held or come to rest in a players hands. This will be called a carried/held ball.

6.8 Open hand tips are not permitted. An open hand tip is any ball that is played over the net with the fingertips of one hand, with no wrist break.

7. Setting (Overhand pass)

7.1 The ball must be contacted simultaneously by both hands and not come to rest. (first, second, or third contact)

7.2 You may set the ball if: your opponent plays the ball over the net using one hand above the height of their shoulder, second and third contact, so long as they don’t violate rule, 7.3.

7.3 Players may set the ball over the net provided their shoulders are in line with the ball’s flight path (front or back sets apply)

EXAMPLE #1: You set a ball deep into the back of the court.

The ball is live provided it is pushed forward or backward in line with your shoulders.

EXAMPLE #2: You set a ball at a sharp angle to the net and it just goes over.

Your partner may or may not be near.

The ball is live provided it is pushed forward or backward in line with your shoulders.

8. Play at the net

8.1 A player, through his/her own momentum may not contact the net.

8.2 Net contacts will be permitted provided it was caused by a force other than the player’s momentum. (i.e. wind, opponents ball hitting the net, etc.)

8.3 Hair does not count as net contact.

8.4 Contacts with net supports are not faults.

9. Play around the net

9.1 A ball completely crossing the net below the net or entirely outside the antennas (posts) may be recovered within the limits of the 3 team contacts.

9.2 A ball completely crossing the net above the net and within the antennas (posts) may not be recovered.

9.3 Players do not have to intentionally avoid a ball that their opponent has passed under the net to play. However, they cannot intentionally contact the ball or opponent or interfere with any playable ball.

10 Reaching beyond the net

10.1 A player is permitted to pass his/her hand beyond the net after his/her attack hit, provided that his/her contact has been made within his/her own playing space.

11. The Block

11.1 A block is defined as an attempt by a player(s) to interrupt the ball before, as, or just after it crossed the net. The blocker must be within arm’s length of the net with his hand(s) over hes/her shoulder.

11.2 A blocker may block a ball on the opponent’s side of the court:

a. After the opposing team has made their final contact.

b. Any time the attacking team has directed the ball towards the opponent’s court.

11.2 Players reaching over the net to block their opponents attempt to set up the ball will result in a fault.

11.3 A ball may be directed by a blocker but may not come to rest in the blocker’s hands.

11.4 Blocking the serve is not permitted.

12. Scoring

12.1 Matches will be best of 3 games, rally point scoring

12.2 Winner of a game will be the first to 21 for the first 2 games and first to 15 for the third game. Third game is only played if teams split the first two games. During league, playoffs and most tournaments games are win by 2 no cap.

12.3 If time expires in the middle of a game, or a game is cancelled due to weather the combined score must be 8 or greater in order to count. If the score is tied, one more rally is played to determine a winner of that game. A tie in the match can still occur if the teams split the first two games and the third game either is not played or does not reach 8 combined points.

13. Defaults

13.1 If a team does not show up for league play, they will default all matches scheduled for that night of play.

13.2 If a team is not present at the scheduled start time, this is considered a default of the first game in the match.

13.3 If a team is not present 15 minutes after the clock has started, the second game and match are now forfeit.

13.4 If you are unable to field a team for a match, please contact your apposing team as soon as possible to inform them your team will not make it that night.

14. Weather

14.1 Teams will be expected to play rain or shine and will be cancelled at the discretion of the Medicine Hat Volleyball League Executive discretion for extreme weather circumstances, eg. Lightning.

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