League Rules

League Rules

MHVL Indoor Volleyball Rules 2023/2024

(In addition to the VB Canada rules found at link below)


Waivers: All players and participants must sign a waiver before playing their first game.

Extra subs/players can be used at any time but must sign a waiver before playing, it is the team captains responsibility to secure and submit this completed waiver to MHVL before the start of the match.

Disclaimer: The below rules are the default rules for the MHVL. If both teams agree before the match to alter these rules then teams may operate under their agreed upon rules.

Women’s and Coed League:

Sportsmanship Goal: Providing a safe and fun environment for the players. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

1) Please call all personal faults or faults of your team. If a discrepancy or disagreement arises, re-serve the ball. If faults continue see rule #2d.

2) Conduct:

2a) No swearing directly at another player, spectators or officials.

2b) No intentional acts of violence (pushing, shoving or intentional physical contact)

2c) No verbal threats or comments to instigate an altercation with any person. The player will be suspended immediately from play, and further game suspensions may follow and will not necessarily include or be limited to the player.

2d) If at any time during a game there are any concerns with the opposing team players, the team captain will address the issue with the other team captain during a break or halftime. If the issue has not been resolved by the end of the game please forward any concerns to your League Director mhvlladies@gmail.com or mhvlcoed@gmail.com

3) GHOST RULE is: If a team decides to play with 5 players, the "ghost" (non-existing player) will start off the match in position six. When the "ghost" rotates into position one to serve, the team forfeits their serve, a point is awarded to the opposing team and the other team takes possession of the ball to serve. The rotational order of the six-player lineup must be maintained including when the "ghost" rotates into the front row (positions 2, 3, 4,). Thus only 2 players would be permitted to attack in the front row when the "ghost" occupies the front row rotations (positions 2, 3, 4,). This process repeats itself for the duration of the match or until the sixth player arrives to play and then at that point in time a substitution is immediately made to sub-out the "ghost" for the active player no matter the rotation.

4) All matches will be a best of 3 (unless otherwise specified) with a cap at 27 and 17.

5) Unlimited substitutions as per VBC rules 15.6.3-4

6) Start the game with paper, rock, scissors for the choice of serve or side. “Nothing beats rock”

7) League players are asked to assist in setting up and putting away of nets.

8) Teams are expected to bring at least one volleyball for play. If there is a dispute on which ball to use, each team will select their ball of choice for one game. For the third game, the team who wins the coin toss will have their choice of either: Ball, side, or service.

9) Players must be on the roster and have played regularly throughout the session in order to compete in that session’s playoffs/finals unless deemed to be a qualified substitute.

10) Defaults:

10a) If a team does not show up for league play, they will default all matches scheduled for that night of play.

10b) If a team is not present at the scheduled start time, this is considered a default of the first game in the match.

10c) If a team is not present 15 minutes after the clock has started, the second game and match are now forfeit.

10d) If you are unable to field a team for a match, please contact your opposing team as soon as possible to inform them your team will not make it that night.


Indoor 6's
maximum 3 males, minimum 2 females
minimum players: 5 (with 1x ghost player) to avoid default, possible combinations as listed below.

For example:
6 females
5 females and 1 male
4 females and 2 males
3 females and 3 males
5 females
4 females and 1 male
3 females and 2 males
2 females and 3 males

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