About Medicine Hat Volleyball League

Indoor play comprises a Co-ed (3 male-3 female) and Ladies division and runs from September all the way through late March if you survive the first playoff rounds.

The beach league is a VERY laid back environment but is slowly finding its legs as a competitive and high intensity place to enjoy the sport during the spring and summer months. Coed 4’s and 2v2 are available and any and all players are welcome.

The league has been around since the 1980’s and has grown and thrived because of a community that loves the sport. The requirement for joining is simply a desire to play and good attitude although we unfortunately cannot accommodate any high school or college players who have played or are playing the current volleyball season.

If you would like to play but do not have a team there is a spares list that all teams can access on the website. To become a spare click here to contact any of our friendly executive members:

M.H.V.L. is for anybody and
everybody who wants to continue
or discover a passion for volleyball.
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